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Yellowstone Upper Loop Tour | Why Reasons Benefits Advantages

Yellowstone Upper Loop Tour | Why Reasons Benefits Advantages

What are the reasons, advantages, and benefits of Upper Loop tours?  Here is why you should book our Yellowstone Upper Loop Tours: 

  1. Tower Falls has four layers of soil one heaped over another by the Yellowstone River.  One layer has yellow rhyolites, the second one purple, and two basalts.  You will see three layers when you go further down to nearby Calsite Springs.  One basalt layer is missing.  There is a huge basalt cliff beside the road.  One of the early basalt eruptions did not spread as far as the Calcite Spring, which explains why there is one layer of basalt. These are geological events that could have occurred millions of years ago. 

  2. There are erratics all over the place between the Yellowstone River and the beginning of Lamar Valley.  You can see pronghorn bison, sometimes bighorn sheep, and wolves about half a mile from the road.  There is an osprey nest by the Lamar River, just before you get into Lamar Valley proper.  The Valley is the headquarters of bison.  You can easily see two thousand herds.  We shall look for wolves, Grizzlies, elk, and pronghorn. 

  3. Before you get to Mammoth Hot Springs, you can see black bears.  There is a massive valley which we shall see by the side of the road before we get to Blacktail Plateau Drive.  Apart from Mammoth Hot Springs, there is the Huckleberry Ridge.  Just before we get to the Ridge which exploded 2.1 million years ago in a volcanic magma eruption, there is a mountain next to it, that seems to have exploded about the same time.  You will see chunks of rocks larger than 18-wheeler trucks littered up to two miles away. 

  4. Norris Geyser Basin and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are between the Upper and the Lower Loops.  We can stop at both scenic landmarks as well.

  5. The endless fields of deep forested valleys, hills, and high mountains of vegetation, dotted with snow and glacier seemingly touch the skies and can be seen for miles on end

  6. Before you get into the Mammoth Hot Springs Village from Undine Falls, look at the Gardner River, and feel the awe of its depth as well as the gargantuan mountain cliff to your right


Why tour Upper Loop Yellowstone
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