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Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

April 15 to October, Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole, WY in the summer are amazing. We are a Wyoming company located near Teton National Park. We have more than a decade of tour experience. Yellowstone National Park Guided Tours & Grand Teton Guided Tours we provide are for small groups, Large Groups and they are some of the best tours Jackson Hole has to offer. Your Yellowstone tour from Jackson Hole savant private guide will narrate a compelling history of the park to you. Additionally, he/she will search for wildlife, show you flora, waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, fumaroles, mud pots, Lake Yellowstone, all in a clean comfortable vehicle. You will have plenty of time for taking memorable pictures, restroom stops and light hiking in between scenic stops.

Jackson Hole Yellowstone Tour - Yellowstone Private Tours

The Jackson Hole Yellowstone tour covers the entire National Park. However, most Private Yellowstone Tours take place within the defined 96 mile perimeter Lower Loop Of Yellowstone. Lower Loop private tours with our guides, pay a good deal of attention to the ecology & ecosystem found in the loop. Bacteria found in the hydrothermal features are heat loving. By far the Grand Prismatic Spring has the largest body of thermophiles than any hot spring. The Yellowstone tour includes animal day observation tours. And they are not limited to large mammals such as bears, but also includes bald eagles, swans, etc. Our day tours also include waterfalls and phenomenal scenic vista tours! All of the aforementioned are part and parcel of Yellowstone Lower Loop Private Tours.

Hydrothermal & Geothermal Tours Guided Tours

By now you should understand that Hydrothermal and Geothermal features are relevant to the existence of the Yellowstone ecology and ecosystem. Our Hydrothermal geothermal tours are specialized private tours which will expatiate this important connection. We shall also explore geothermal features such as geysers, steam, paint pots and hot springs. Examples of geysers are Castle Geyser, paint pots include Fountain Paint Pots, hot springs include Emerald Pool in the Black Sand Basin, steam or Fumarole may be found in Biscuit Basin.

At lunch time we shall have delicious sandwiches prepared in Jackson, WY. Other times we prefer to have hot meals in a cafe near Old Faithful or at the Canyon Village. Old Faithful from Jackson Hole is 2.5 hours.

Yellowstone Upper & Lower Loop Tours

While you are considering touring the lower loop, it will be worthwhile if you tour the upper loop as well. The terrain in the Upper Loop has differences with the lower and in some instances, the differences are so pronounced. Take an example, the banks of the Yellowstone River across from Tower Falls. You can see rhyolites similar to those found at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone lower falls. But on top of it there are basalt volcanic rocks. That could mean at a later period, basalt rocks were layered on top of the rhyolites. You will also see boulders strewn all over the landscape before you get to Lamar Valley from Tower Falls. It could have been moved by glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago. Because of these differences in the physical layout of the two loops, it is worth touring both.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Tours - Guided

Let us explore the unique geological histories of both Yellowstone and Teton National Parks as well as similarities; animals, flora, glaciation, early settlements, rivers and much more. While the two parks may seem the same in terms of wildlife and certain plants, yet they are vastly different in many ways. Therefore it seems important if you have time to explore these beautiful national parks, consider Yellowstone & Grand Teton tours.

Hot Spring

Flexible itineraries:

Yellowstone National Park Private Tour - Lower Loop

  • Mud Volcano

-Learn about "Yellowstone volcano eruption"

-Hydrothermal tours

-Heat loving thermophiles



-Heat from the super volcano

-Concoction of boiling mud laced with sulfur

  • Lake Yellowstone features

-Steam by Lake shore

-Steam coming into the lake via network of "silicon pipes"

-Hot springs, geysers, mud paints

-At 21 miles the lake has shoreline of 144 miles

-The largest lake in north America at elevation of about 8000 feet


-Sends hot water in the air at predictable intervals

-Eruption Times are 90 minutes plus or minus 10

  • "Excelsior Geyser Crater"

-Pumps 4000 gallons of hot water a minute into Firehole River

  • Grand Prismatic Springs

-The largest hot spring in the US

-Thermophiles capable of surviving high temperatures

-Blue, green, yellow, orange, dark colors from bacteria and chemicals

  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone waterfalls

-Booming sounds of upper and lower waterfalls

-Lower waterfalls more than 300 feet

-Colorful rhyolites including yellow, brown, white, maroon, red, pink

-Yellowstone derived from "Yellow Rock River"

  • Hayden Valley Yellowstone

-Wolf at Yellowstone are in Hayden, but you have to patiently search

-Rich in trout, bald eagles, pelicans, swans, geese, ducks, wolves, Grizzlies, black bears, elk, bison

-Occasionally watch bears and wolves devour it's victims

-Ample picture taking opportunities

-Learn from tour guides versed in the art of Yellowstone tours

2 Day Yellowstone Tours

  • Flexible stops include all of the above, plus

  • Lamar Valley wolf search watching; Grizzly search

-Wolves in Yellowstone are mainly in Lamar

-These predators hang out for Bison and elk mainly

-Bison & antelope watching

-Yellowstone National Park Animals are enumerable

  • Tower Falls walk

-Watch Tower Falls volcanic basalt rocks

  • Calcite Springs

-Underground hot liquify sulfur turning into oil - "molasses like ooze"

  • Mammoth Hot Springs

-Travertine terrace hiking

  • Norris Geyser Basin walk

-Steamboat geyser infrequently spews hot water over 300 feet high

Three Day Wild Animal Tours - Yellowstone/ Tetons

Top Yellowstone Tours:

  • Lower Loop & Upper Loop Of Yellowstone PRIVATE

  • Lower & Upper Loop

  • Lower/Upper/Tour Jackson Hole

  • Group Tours

  • Grand Teton Tours

Book the following Tours:

  1. Lower Loop - $1600 1 to 4; plus $299 for additional individuals

  2. Lower and Upper - $3600 1 to 4; plus $399 for additional persons

  3. Lower/Upper/Tetons - $4799 for 1 to 4 persons; $399 for each additional guest

  4. Upper - $1900 for 1 to 4 people, plus $399 for each additional person

  5. Minibus - up to 8 people $2599

Bus Tour - 15 people $8500, add $450 per person over 15

  1. Yellowstone "Group Tours": $450 per person max 5.

  2. Grand Teton 9 Hours for 8 people $1500

  3. Grand Teton 1 - 6 people 9 hour tour $1200

Tour inclusions:

  • Free use of binoculars

  • Water

  • Lunch in the park cafe or sandwiches before going into the park/ Yellowstone and Grand Teton 9 Hour Tours only

  • Stops for picture taking

  • Park fees

  • Restroom stops

Tour Durations

11 to 13 hours from Jackson Hole

8 to 10 hours from West Yellowstone

Hotel Pickup - Condo - Home

6AM Lower Loop

5AM Upper Loop

6AM Grand Teton/3PM for 5 Hour Tours

West Yellowstone Pickup

8:30AM - Lower Loop

6AM - Upper Loop

There is no refund if canceled 72 hours before the start of the tour. Refunds are available minus restocking fees.

Park opening and closing dates:

  1. South entrance tours begin May 13 through October.

  2. West Yellowstone, MT tours April 15 through October.