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A Yellowstone naturalist tour is the perfect way to explore America’s first national park. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll discover the geology, wildlife, and cultural history of this unique ecosystem.

Yellowstone Naturalist Tour is not new.  However, what is, is Naturalist Tours by Yellowstone Safari Tours.  Our Tour Guides provide Naturalist Tours of Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks from Jackson Hole WY.  They have been in the tour business for years, and they have come to identify wildlife and flora so as to help you appreciate it.  Go out confidently on your naturalist tours, with guides who know wildlife and plants!   Yellowstone country avifauna is literally in the hundreds.  They include but are not limited to the majestic golden eagle, dusky grouse, American crow, black-billed magpie, mountain bluebird, great gray owl, and blue heron.  Mammals include rabbits, beavers, red foxes, coyotes, marmots, and weasels.  Reptiles such as prairie rattlesnakes may be found in eastern Idaho near Ashton, very close to western Yellowstone.  They may be found in the northern parts of Yellowstone as well.  The common reptile though is the wandering garter snake.  

Fernleaf Lovage In Grand Teton Park
Goldeneye Wild Flower Grand Teton Park

Yellowstone National Park - Yellowstone Trout - Cutthroat

Common fish in the Yellowstone region are trout.  Lake trout are found in Lake Yellowstone.  However, several species of cutthroat trout exist as well.  They include Yellowstone cutthroat, Snake River fine spotted cutthroat, west slope cutthroat, rainbow trout, eastern brook trout, brown trout, and lake trout.  Other species exist in neighboring Montana and Utah as well.  

Yellowstone Pine trees, flowers, and berries.

As for common trees,  there are aspen and birch.  Conifers include Lodgepole pine, limber pine, whitebark pine, Colorado blue spruce, Douglas fir, and subalpine fir.  Willows include quaking aspen, narrow-leaf cottonwood, Booth's willow, and narrow-leaf willow.   Additionally, there are roses, flowers, berries, and flowers of all kinds.   Examples of the flowers found in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem are Fern leaf lovage, golden aster, sticky geranium, and cow parsnip.  Our tour guides will take you on naturalist private tours where he or they will help you identify flowers, trees, and wildlife.  Credits: Kurt F. Johnson, Whitney Tilt.

Wildflower In Grand Teton Park
Cow Parsnip In Grand Teton Park

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