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Yellowstone Multi-Day Tour - Road Travel - Jackson Hole WY

Yellowstone Grizzly
Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces
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Yellowstone Multi-Day Tour - Road Travel - Jackson Hole WY

Travel Yellowstone on one of our Multi-Day Road Travels originating from Jackson Hole.  Multi-Day Yellowstone tours are:

  • Small Group Tours

  • 2 Day Yellowstone tours

  • 3 Day Yellowstone Tours

  • 2 Day Yellowstone and 1 Day Teton Tours

  • 1 Day Yellowstone and 1 Day Teton Tours

  • 2 Day Yellowstone and 2 Day Yellowstone-Cody Tours

Greater Yellowstone tours are remarkable adventures. Wild animal sightings are guaranteed! Here is a sampling of places you will visit:

Lamar Valley:

  1. Lamar Valley from Jackson Hole is the best Yellowstone Road Trip.

  2. You will see more wildlife than anywhere in the Parks.  

  3. The drive from and back to Jackson Hole, with our professional guides is only 236 miles, compared to 245 miles for the Lower Loop. 

  4. It is the best scenic route to Lamar Valley that will make the long drive fun.

  5. You can complete the tour in 11 hours instead of 12.

  6. Lamar Valley is an old lake.

  7. It attracts wildlife because the soil grows lush grass throughout the year.

  8. There is plentiful water for Antelope, bison, elk, and fish.

  9. Predators including wolves and Grizzlies, hang out in Lamar to hunt. 

  10. Wildlife predatory interactions between animals continued until and beyond about 11000 when the first humans showed up in Yellowstone.

  11. The first humans in Yellowstone hunted wildlife for food.

  12. Some of the earliest settlers were the Clovis people.

  13. Mar 1, 1872, a law was enacted by President Ulysses Grant making Yellowstone the first National Park, with 2.2 million acres.

  14. Today you visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton to see their enduring legacy of wildlife and scenic beauty!

  15. You can obtain a license and fish in the Lamar River.

Old Faithful Geyser:

  1. Observe Old Faithful the most watched geyser in Yellowstone.

  2. It shoots up to 150 feet every 90 minutes + or - 10.

  3. It is a predictable geyser as opposed to irregular and constant geysers.

  4. It has a chamber where hot water fills it up, at which point it bursts out.

  5. The hot water is ejected through a tiny constricted pipe.

  6. The mound from which the hot water shoots, is made of silicon.

  7. Geysers such as Old Faithful tend to remain in the same spot for hundreds of years.


Hayden Valley:

  1. You will see Hayden Valley which used to be a lake, thousands of years ago.

  2. The soil is fertile, and because of that lush grass grows.

  3. The Perennial grass attracts various large and small animals including fish.

  4. Bison and Elk come to graze, while Grizzlies, Wolves, and coyotes visit Hayden to prey on other animals.

  5. Swans, Eagles, and hawks frequent the Valley for fish.

  6. Finally, you as a visitor come to Hayden Valley, to witness the beauty of it and the interaction between animals.  

  7. It offers a great opportunity for taking pictures.

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