Private Yellowstone Tour - Lower Loop

Private Yellowstone Tour - Lower Loop

Experience Yellowstone National Park Private tours with guides who know the business intimately. Trips begin from Jackson Hole: Teton Village, Jackson, Wilson, Moran. While non private tours tend to last longer, an average of 12 hours or more, Yellowstone private tours hover around 10 to 11 hours. We have even finished certain tours in 8 hours. Typical tours are husband and wife; boyfriend/girlfriend; Husband, wife and a child(ren); two couples; three couples; extended families; coworkers; former school mates; one individual male or female; couple with 2 year olds.

Private Yellowstone Tour - Why Private Tours?

Yellowstone private tours are in demand for several reasons. Couples with young children are free to ask for frequent restroom stops. Some older people also like frequent stops. Most people like stops for picture taking, either scenery or wildlife pictures. Additionally other guests like eating in the vehicle. Yet others are interested in hiking tours. Individuals who tend to fly into Jackson and leave in two or three days, have pressing businesses to attend to back home, so they want to see the Park in one day. And they do not mind cutting the tour to 8 hours. We understand all these different needs, and we shall gladly be at your service. Private tours are flexible, time flexible, itinerary flexible, they are convenient, the vehicles are clean and the tour guides are knowledgeable.

Private tours are more pricy than certain tours. Yet that is not a problem for those who want to see Yellowstone, just the way it should be.

Old Faithful Geyser - Grand Prismatic Spring

Lower Loop of Yellowstone has by far more geysers than anywhere in the park. Old Faithful Geyser, spews hot water into the air up to 80 feet high. It does that every 90 minutes plus or minus ten. There are times it has repeated the circle every 60 minutes. Grand Prismatic Spring is said to be the largest hot spring in the US. It has blue color in the middle followed by green, yellow, brown and black in the outer edges of the pond. The outer edges are where you find thermophiles. Throughout Yellowstone where you have hot springs, you also have thermophiles.

Hayden Valley Tours

Hayden Valley is home to various wildlife, including trout, bald eagles, elk, wolves, bison, swans, Grizzlies and black bears, sits between Mud Volcano and Canyon Village. The valley is treeless and lush with grass. This is where you want to hang out for a little while if you have time. There is a place where you can hike for a couple of miles to look for wolves. The treeless valley has lots of grass, usually green in the spring and summer and brown in the fall. Hayden Valley Yellowstone is 4 miles long. The valley is cut in half by the Yellowstone River. Tours in the Lower Loop Yellowstone are fun. Book tours online.

Mud Volcano

Bacteria breaks down soil, rainwater and snow gets on the soil, heat from the volcanic magma heats up the various elements and you have boiling mud.