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Hire a Philippine private investigator for personal and business background checks. Ensure that your investments in people and businesses are safe and secure with professional investigation services. Learn more here.

We provide help for individuals and businesses that want discrete information about individuals or businesses they plan to engage in relationships with.  We source reputable investigation services that will provide legitimate detective services for you.  With our experience of dealing with Philippino citizens for over one decade, we have realized how some foreigners have been taken in by scammers.  When you need to check individuals out, we shall accept your full payment and refer you to one of our reputable investigating companies in the Philippines.  After they provide the service to you, we shall then pay them on your behalf.   Remember, once they provide the service(s) to you, we have to pay them.  Whether they find out that your potential partner or partners are legitimate or scammers, we have to pay them for their services on your behalf.  

Why did we choose to get into this kind of business?  Because of our experiences in the Philippines and we are sure in many parts of the world, there are honest, but also many dishonorable folks as well.  We intend to use our knowledge in the Philippines to help those who desire it.  We are able to help you secure Private Investigators in the Manila Capital Region.  You may need private investigators in Antipolo, Makati, Quezon City,  Tanay, Cavite, Pasay, Manila, Taguig, Mandaluyong, and background checkers throughout the Metro Manila area.  Or if your need is beyond Manila, somewhere in the Philippines, be in touch and we shall help