Lamar Valley Yellowstone - Tours

Lamar Valley Yellowstone Tours

Our Yellowstone National Park private tours to Lamar Valley from West Yellowstone & Jackson WY are by far the most memorable. That is because you get to witness the amazing wildlife the valley is known for. Book Lamar Valley wildlife excursion and be part of the fun. There is more bison here than anywhere in the park. That makes Lamar Valley touring exciting. Moreover, Lamar Valley Yellowstone is famous for its abundance of wildlife other than bison. Notably there are osprey, bald eagles, trout, wolves, Grizzlies, black bears, elk, and pronghorn antelope. Antelope seems to coexist with bison. You will see it grazing not far from the bison and they seem unperturbed! Why have lots of animals made Lamar Valley their home? The Lamar River cuts across the valley. Besides, there is this dark soil rich in minerals which makes it perfect for lush grass meadows. Google

Lamar Valley Yellowstone Tours - Amazing views

As you tour Lamar Valley, miles away before you even approach the valley, you will see astonishing vistas. Take Dunraven pass as one example. As you drive up Mount Washburn from Canyon Village you will begin to see the forests in the valley beyond the mountain. Finally at an elevation of about 9500 feet above sea level, on the pass, you will begin to see lower mountain peaks to your left. Eventually as you begin to descend towards the valley that is Tower Falls, it will seem as if you are suspended up in the sky with this beautiful valley and smaller hills down below! Finally, after you descend to Tower Falls, you will continue your trip in the vast treeless wilderness. Slashdot

Lamar Valley Wildlife tours - Yellowstone wolves - Grizzlies

Yellowstone wolf tours and Yellowstone Grizzly tours are the main reasons tourists visit the valley. To see these predators, it is advisable to leave Jackson or Teton Village as early as 4:30AM or at least 5AM. It is a long drive therefore it is important to leave early. The benefit of beginning early is that you may be able to see these animals along the way before reaching your intended destination. There are specific places we look for wolves. Have you ever seen wolves and Grizzlies? If you have, do you want to see them again? We will help you locate them. The Travel