Lake Yellowstone - Tours

Lake Yellowstone - Tour

Lake Yellowstone - tours are fantastic. It has geysers and fumaroles near the boardwalk and inside the lake itself! Moreover Lake Yellowstone tours are one of such trips where you will see colors surrounding hot springs. It has thermophiles lined up by the warm water that comes out of the geysers. They are bacteria that lives by the warm water coming out of the hot springs. In the morning when the water is undisturbed, that is when we like to take you there, so you can see for yourself the bubbling hot water by the shoreline. Sometimes you can find elk hanging out in the trees and grass around the Lake.

Lake Yellowstone tours - Geysers, fumaroles Scenic Trips

Part of Lake Yellowstone tour is to take guests by the shore of Lake Yellowstone, so they can witness evidence of volcanic activity. I ask guests most of the time why there are bubbles in the water by the shore. Many people think it is fish. Lake water as well as rain and snow trickles underground, until it gets close to the volcanic magma underneath the park. It is heated and it finds its way back to the lake shore water and the nearby land adjacent to the shore. The water from underground is either warm or boiling hot. It is the geysers which you see on the land, as well as the bubbling inside the water by the shoreline. Some geysers are larger than others. In the winter, the entire Yellowstone Lake is frozen, except the shoreline.

Yellowstone visitor center

Lake Yellowstone wonders do not end at the lake. As if this strange phenomenon is not enough, if you find time, go to the Yellowstone Visitor Center, at Old Faithful. Or we can take you there if you hire us. There you will see pictures from deep inside Lake Yellowstone. Over the period of thousands of years, tiny silicone pipelines have formed inside the lake. (By the way the lake is 400 feet deep in certain areas). These pipes perhaps in the millions release fumaroles (steam) inside the lake. However, the lake is massive at 21 miles long. Additionally the lake elevation at about 8000 feet above sea level, means the body of water is cold. Thus no matter how much steam comes inside the water, it cannot make it warm!