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Jackson Hole WY - Yellowstone Three-Day Itinerary - Road Trip - Scenic Drive - Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

Yellowstone Grizzly
Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces
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Jackson Hole WY - Yellowstone Three-Day Itinerary - Road Trip - Scenic Drive - Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

Let Loose Your Inner Voyager: Epic 3-Day Road Trips From Jackson Hole, WY to Yellowstone.

Jackson Hole WY - Yellowstone Three-Day Itinerary - Road Trip - Scenic Drive.

Embark on an Amazing Yellowstone Road Trip and Scenic Drive with expert guides.  Engage in a systematic search of Yellowstone and Teton for Wildlife Viewing, Rivers, Canyons, Highlands, Lowlands, Plateaus, and Caldera Trips.  As you meander the roads, you will soon realize you are in an endless web of Yellowstone Scenic Drives.  And because of the awesome Scenic Drives plus remarkable beauty, you will feel a strong urge for more Yellowstone Road Trips.    We invite you to book the Jackson Hole WY Yellowstone 3-Day Itinerary Road Trip Scenic Drive.



Day One:  

  • Wild Animals, Scenic, and Hydrothermal Road Trips:  You will begin the scenic drive early in the morning on the famous Teton Park Road, watching for elk, bison, moose, and foxes.

  • Yellowstone Lake: Take a half-mile walk along the shore of Lake Yellowstone, the highest lake of its size in North America at an elevation of about 8000 feet - Yellowstone Road Trip.

  • Old Faithful: Witness the regular eruptions of the famous geyser, a major attraction in Yellowstone Park - Yellowstone Scenic Drive.

  • Biscuit Basin: Explore the sapphire-colored water and several clear hot water geysers of this famous stop - Yellowstone Road Trip

  • Grand Prismatic Spring: Walk on the boardwalk and come close to this hot spring, known for its thermophiles and "rainbow" colored water - Yellowstone Three-Day Itinerary.

  • Fountain Paint Pots: Watch the geysers, sky-blue hot springs, and bubbling mud of Fountain Paint Pots - Yellowstone 3-Day Itinerary.

  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone: Come close to the massive water of the Brink Of the Upper Falls, and the Lower Falls with its 308 feet drop - Yellowstone Scenic Drives.

  • Hayden Valley:  You have a good chance of seeing bison, elk, and Grizzlies in Hayden Valley, especially in Spring and Fall - Yellowstone Road Trips.

  • Mud Volcano and the Dragon's Mouth: See the bubbling hot mud, geysers, and churning sulfur and steam of the Mud Volcano and the Dragon's Mouth - Yellowstone Scenic Drive.

Day Two: 

  • Signal Mountain Summit: Observe Jackson Hole Valley from atop Signal Mountain Summit.  Observe small details and be awed by the Valley between the Grand Tetons and the Gro Ventre Mountain Ranges.

  • Jenny, Jackson, and Leigh Lakes: Experience the serenity of the Alpine Lakes of Jenny, Jackson, and Leigh - Three-Day Yellowstone Tours. 

  • Watch Oxbow Bend Turnout: Watch the Snake River and Mount Moran from the Oxbow Bend Turnout.  It is usually a spot for taking stunning pictures. 

  • Jenny Lake Boat Ride: Ride Jenny Lake Boat to the foot of the Tetons, and hike half a mile or more into the majestic Teton Mountain - Three Day Yellowstone Tours.

  • Moose-Wilson Road:  Along the Moose-Wilson Road, you will hope to see wild animals, and surely in many cases, you will elk, moose, and black bears.

  • Gro Ventre Road To Kelly: Gro Ventre Road To Kelly has features such as Glacial Ridges, Sediment, and Kame.  Learn about the geology of the Grand Tetons.  

  • Mormon Row and Moulton Barn: Visit the famous Early Momorn Settlement.  You can take professional-looking pictures on a nice day.

  • Grand Teton Loop:  As you drive the full length of the Grand Teton Loop, you have a good chance of seeing wildlife.

Day Three:  

  • Dunraven Pass: Observe distant mountains big and small, forests and blue sky spectacularly merge with Dunraven Pass.

  • Elk Creek Valley: Drive down the Elk Creek Valley while admiring its irregular forests and grass meadows meander down to Tower Falls.  You could see elk and at times Grizzlies and moose.

  • Tower Falls: Observe the thin straight Tower Falls descend into the Yellowstone River.  

  • Calcite Springs: Watch burnt-out dark sulfur by the Yellowstone Magma ooze out by the River at Calcite Springs. 

  • Lamar Valley: View bison, and search for wolves in Lamar Valley.  Lamar Valley is known worldwide for its huge amount of wildlife.  

  • Mammoth Hot Springs: Observe Mammoth Hot Springs and learn about its migration pattern.  You can hike by the Travertine Terraces.

  • Huckleberry Ridge: Observe the site of the initial Yellowstone Volcanic eruption at the Huckleberry Ridge 2.1 million years ago.  

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