Grand Teton Wildlife Safaris | Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

Grand Teton Wildlife Safaris - Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

Grand Teton wildlife safaris - Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole, from the Village is the smartest thing you can do.  You could see an osprey in the nest, elk, moose, or black bears.  Through the Park entrance to the second entrance along Moose-Wilson road, you could spend about thirty minutes, sometimes more.  And that is all because of the wildlife that may be lurking inside the woods.  At times they are in the open grass meadows.

Yellowstone wildlife safaris in spring and summer, the earlier you start the better.  We start at 6 AM.  However, if you wish to start the Jackson Hole wildlife safari between 5 AM and 5:30 AM, the better.  At this time of the year, animals tend to graze overnight until morning light when they soon disappear into the trees.  In the fall, they tend to go into the forests a few minutes later.  Therefore, we can leave Jackson Hole at 6:30 AM and still see animals before they find a shed in the trees.  Grand Teton Wildlife Safaris in the summer are offered twice a day.  Starting times are the same as the ones we described above.  The second tours begin at 4 PM.  However, the second fall tours begin at 2 PM.  Grand Teton tours are about 4.5 hours long, while Yellowstone wildlife safaris average 11 hours and 12 hours for the Upper Loop. 


Emerald Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Emerald Spring, Yellowstone Park

Bison Calf, Yellowstone Park

Bison Calf, Yellowstone Park

Tour inclusions:

There is no refund if canceled 72 hours before the start of the tour.  Refunds are available minus restocking fees.

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