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Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole has for over ten years provided stellar Guided tours, Yellowstone National Park tours as well as Grand Teton Park tours. It is the best Yellowstone tour from Jackson Hole. Our Yellowstone Tour in Jackson Hole centers around wildlife and scenery that is found in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Wildlife tours include Grizzlies, elk, moose, wolves, swans, pelicans, foxes, and many more species. Scenic safaris include geothermal, waterfall, lake, river, canyon, magma, earthquake, plant, geyser, fumarole, and mud pot. Trips are in a comfortable, and spacious minibus (van). Book our private tour and experience what park tours should be!

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring Thermophiles

Yellowstone Safari Tour - Jackson Hole

Yellowstone Safari Tours is a Wyoming company based in Jackson Hole. It provides an unforgettable Yellowstone day tour. Trips we offer are in the 2.2 million acres Yellowstone, as well as day trips to Teton National Park. Yellowstone Safari tours are mainly in the summer. But we have so many day tours booked for the spring as well as fall months. The best Yellowstone summer tours in Jackson Hole run 11 hours. However, we have half-day tours to Old Faithful Geyser for those who prefer to spend less time on the day tours. Jackson Hole day tours can be group tours. Group tours are small as well as large group tours. Large group tours can accommodate up to 35 people. Jackson Hole to Yellowstone tours, by our savant guides, are very compelling. At the end of the trip, you will be incredibly impressed. Below there are links for you to book your tours.

Yellowstone Itinerary from Jackson Hole, and West Yellowstone:

  1. Hayden Valley - bison, elk watch

  2. Lamar Valley - wolf search

  3. Old Faithful

  4. Lake Yellowstone

  5. Mammoth Hot Spring

  6. Grand Prismatic Spring

  7. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

  8. Tower Falls/Calcite Springs

Tour distances:

  1. Lower Loop round trip from Jackson Hole 254 miles -wildlife

  2. Upper Loop 382 miles

  3. Grand Teton 79 miles

  4. West Yellowstone Lower 124 miles

  5. Upper Loop 198 miles - Private

Yellowstone Grizzly!






On June 12, some Yellowstone roads were damaged by torrential rains. However, that shouldn't deter you and your family from booking the ultimate Yellowstone Safaris in Jackson Hole. Because a few weeks after the flooding in June, parts of the Park re-opened for business, and a few more weeks later in July, we toured the entire Yellowstone with visitors from all over the country. Yellowstone flooding is old news. The news now is that we have tour guides ready to take you into the wild experience for which Yellowstone National Park is known. Roads from Jackson Hole, West Yellowstone, and Cody Wyoming have been open for business long since the flooding. Visit with us and have tours of a lifetime. Yellowstone National Park Service

Yellowstone Van Tour

Tour Van

Old Faithful

Old Faithful Geyser

  1. There is no refund if canceled within 72 hours

before the start of the tour.

  1. Refunds are available minus restocking


Grand Teton National Park - Wild Flowers


Hot Spring - Black Sand Basin

Emerald Pool

Park opening and closing dates:

  1. South entrance tours begin May 13

through October.

  1. West Yellowstone, MT tours April

15 through October.

Pronghorn antelope - Tetons

Pronghorn antelope

Tour inclusions:

  • Free use of binoculars

  • Water

  • Lunch sandwiches

  • Stops for picture taking

  • Park fees

  • Restroom stops

  • Old Faithful Tours for 1 to 8 People - $1699

  • Half-Day Tour - $1200 for 1 to 8.

1. Lake Yellowstone tours and supper magma explained

2. Old Faithful Geyser observation and why it erupts

3. Grand Prismatic Spring (largest hot spring in the US)

4. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone - 308 feet of waterfalls

5. Hayden Valley home of "buffalo roam", wolves and Grizzlies

6. Mud Volcano and Dragon's mouth

Jackson, Wilson & Teton Village

Pickup time 6 AM

Tour duration 11 Hrs.

Drop off location same as pick up.

  • Yellowstone 2-Day Tour for 1 to 8 People - $3999 for 1 to 8 People.

Jackson, Wilson & Teton Village

Pickup time 5 AM

Tour duration 12 Hrs.

AND 11 Hrs.

Drop off location same as pick up.

The itinerary includes Old Faithful Tours, plus the following:

. Mammoth Hot Spring calcium carbonate and travertine terraces

. Lamar Valley Wildlife viewing and Calcite Springs tours

. Tower Falls tour

. The petrified tree tour

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Tours 1 to 8 People - $2299

Jackson, Wilson & Teton Village

Pickup time 5 AM

Tour duration 12 Hrs.

Drop off location same as pick up.

  • Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Grand Teton Tours - 1 to 8 People - $5099.

Tour Duration: 11 Hrs; 12 Hrs AND 4 - 5 Hrs.

Itineraries include Old Faithful, Mammoth, and Teton.

  • Group Tour In Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful Tours - $450 Each

  • Bus Tour Yellowstone for 15 to 35 People - $11999

Stops the same as the first one

Jackson, Wilson & Teton Village

Pickup time 6 AM

Tour duration 11 Hrs.

Drop off location same as pick up.

West Yellowstone pickup time 8 AM

8 to 10 hours from West Yellowstone

    • Teton 4.5 Hr 8 Peo. - $1099

  1. Signal mountain

  2. Oxbow Bend Turnout

  3. Mormon Row

  4. Jackson Lake

  5. Jenny Lake

  6. Moose Wilson Road

Jackson, Wilson & Teton Village

Pick-up time is AM OR 4 PM; in the fall 6:30 AM OR 3 PM for 4-5 Hour tours

Drop off location same as pick up.